Supermoto Gear

Supermoto gear made by MVD Racewear is developed to make you perform at your best in all conditions. All our products offer you the perfect balance between maximum protection and the highest level of comfort. Moving freely in all conditions is what makes our motor bike gear loved, by Supermotard, Sporty, and naked-bike riders.

A traditional leather moto suit has a big disadvantage: the lack of agility and flexibility. Especially in the summer, right when you spend most time on your bike, your suit is far too hot for comfort. Moreover, these race leathers are very stiff, pre-formed in a squatted racing position. They are tight, put a heavy weight on your shoulders and truly take away all the comfort you would really like to have while racing and focusing on the road ahead.

Supermoto gear: high-grade clothing within reach!

These problems are no strangers to eight-time Dutch Supermotard Champion, Marcel van Drunen, when he made the transfer from professional motocross to Supermotard racing.

Van Drunen then looked at a solution to combine the comfort of mx clothing with the protection of the traditional leather suit. After years of development, he launched the first 2-piece Supermoto leather suit under the MVD Racewear brand name. Thereby, he triggered a true revolution in the field of moto sports and fully profited from the increased comfort on the circuit.

Nowadays, both 2-piece and 1-piece Supermoto leathers are available at MVD Racewear. These race leathers also have the same unique qualities as the 2-piece motorcycle leathers.

Until recently, MVD Racewear was only available to the top riders in Supermoto racing. Their feedback helped us to develop high-grade moto gear. The result is now within your reach too! Whether you are a circuit-day amateur, or a sporty street racer: wearing MVD motor bike gear will make you feel more secure and confident than before!

MVD Supermoto clothing can be ordered safe and easy in our webshop. Think of how freedom in all circumstances gives you the best focus on the road, and more control over your machine.

Supermoto gear has these great benefits:

  • Comfy: better fit because of our innovative design
  • Wear resistant: made from high-quality cowhide
  • Safe: includes essential CE-protection on critical areas
  • Comfortable: by using flexible and long-lasting materials
  • Cooling: because of the keen perforation and circulation of air
  • Performance booster: developed with the best riders in the world
  • Less injuries: can be worn with knee brace
  • Tough: because your Supermoto outfit may look cool too!